Favorite Posts of 2006

December 27th, 2006

Well, 2006 has come and gone and my blog is still a sorry excuse for a traffic generator, but we’ve had some fun. I noticed Jeff Veen had a “favorite posts of ’06” post, so I thought I’d steal the idea here.

My 2005 series on Evite remained popular, especially with the addition of a review of Mark Hurst’s Goovite. I even got an email from Mark saying that he liked the post and was implementing two of my ideas: from address as the sender, and allowing commenters to choose whether to share their comments.

I expanded my reach a bit this year, posting articles on both Digital Web (Preparing for Widescreen), and UPA Voice (Remote Usability Tools).

I started a feature called Topic of the Week as a way to drive traffic and commenters, but it didn’t really work. Still, these are some of my favorite posts, particularly “Do Blogs Still Matter?“, Emotional Design and Automatic Audio.

Lastly, I declared September 12, 2006 to be a landmark day in HCI history. Will I be right?

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